nuagesIt’s exactly three months after MicroBlues and it feels about time to share a track from that memorable concert. It took a while before I dared to listen back to this concert because it can be confrontational: what if the recording is not inline with my feeling about the concert? But this week, between Christmas and the New Year, it was time to not only look back but also to listen back to my most significant concert of 2014!


I am happy to present my solo arrangement of the piece Nuages by Django Reinhardt in extended meantone, played on my 31-tone guitar.



M. Weijters Sound PaintingRecently, I opened a Pop Up sale and exhibition with Dutch artist Borg de Nobel. I used a looper as my canvas and I ‘painted’ with the 31 tones available on my microtonal guitar.

I don’t have a recording of the whole improvisation, so I only present the finished painting, straight off the looper. Enjoy!

Please visit for more information about Borg and her paintings.

Picture by Adrienne Norman


CD’s / iTunes

I’ve received a question about the availability of my (non-microtonal) jazz CD’s from the past and, yes, they are still available. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the three titles below.

The Italian reprint of the CD Making Choices (entitled ‘Rubber Duck’) is also available on iTunes and so is Winterslag.

Review from ‘Making Choices’: The Antwerp-based trumpet player and his collaborators acknowledge the influence of John Zorn’s Masada in their use of transposed ethnic elements in the modern jazz language, but insist on the original compositions, specially written for the band by its members. As we mentioned, the tongue spoken is modern jazz, with some rock/noisy elements brought by the guitar of Melle Weijters, whose solo playing is quite alien to the jazz tradition. 

Click play to hear a sample of my recorded solos on these albums!

BP (Blues Piece)

Well, here it is, my first track on the Lucid Movinguitar. In this improvisation, I use a non-octave scale called Bohlen-Pierce, which is a 13-part equal division of the perfect twelfth (octave+fifth) which happens to be well approximated by the 41-tone system.

For more information about this scale, visit:

Four Enharmonic Madrigals – Nicola Vicentino (1555)

Out of curiosity and as part of my study of the 31-tone equal temperament I created these renditions with a software instrument.

vicentinoThe enharmonic vocal compositions of Nicola Vicentino are historical curiosities, in which the sixteenth-century quest for expansion of tonal resources reached its limits. Although they inspired several other attempts at introducing the enharmonic genus into musical compositions, they are unique in their highly personal interpretation of this genus, and the consistency and boldness with which this interpretation is applied. This edition collects four pieces (three of them incomplete, unfortunately), which were included in Vicentino’s treatise L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica (Rome 1555). One is on Latin text, three on Italian.