CD’s / iTunes

CD's / iTunes

I’ve received a question about the availability of my (non-microtonal) jazz CD’s from the past and, yes, they are still available. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the three titles below.

The Italian reprint of the CD Making Choices (entitled ‘Rubber Duck’) is also available on iTunes and so is Winterslag.

Review from ‘Making Choices’: The Antwerp-based trumpet player and his collaborators acknowledge the influence of John Zorn’s Masada in their use of transposed ethnic elements in the modern jazz language, but insist on the original compositions, specially written for the band by its members. As we mentioned, the tongue spoken is modern jazz, with some rock/noisy elements brought by the guitar of Melle Weijters, whose solo playing is quite alien to the jazz tradition. 

Click play to hear a sample of my recorded solos on these albums!