Charlee Livingston

This project started out with my wish to have a 10-string multiscale headless electric fretless guitar with a tertian tuning consisting of pure major thirds.

To compensate the smaller intervals between the strings I thought I could add some more. So I had to choose and why not 10? Since this was going to be the prototype, I could always leave some out, or add some more!


The guitar is made of swamp ash (neck-through-body) with a snakewood fingerboard.

About the pickups: I am a big fan and I know the people behind it, so it was easy to get these. They are actually these, only with some more windings, I guess.

So what do I do with it?

In the first place… IMPROVISE! That’s what I like to do best, with one person in particular: drummer Etienne Nillesen. We are planning a new recording session soon, so please be patient! Please check out my Extended Play page if you like!