On April 21st, 2012 I received this mail from Aaron Andrew Hunt (www.h-pi.com):

Hi Melle!

The Super-Special Ultra-Custom All-Yellow U-Plex is finally done. I think the yellow worked out well. Because of the shade it is, my code name for this project became “the school bus”. Check it out:


I will keep it through the weekend for final testing and packing and then ship it to you on Monday.

I hope you like it!


And do like it?! No. I love it!  Thanks for all the super-special-ultra-customness, it really adds to the coolness of the design and it will blend in my personal environment – including my instruments – really well! Last days I spent some time with the theory of the H-system, so I almost know the nomenclature key by key 😉

So, what exactly is it?

U-PLEX is a class-compliant USB-MIDI controller with 633 keys, two octave transposition buttons, and a 1/4” jack for sustain pedal input. It outputs untuned MIDI data to any application that receives MIDI. Its small form factor and USB connectivity make U-PLEX an ideal choice for making microtonal music with laptop and desktop computers. | Details